A Simple Proof of the Correctness of the Derived Formula for g(r)

In the article Galaxies and the Gravitomagnetic Force it was found that the gravitational force on the Sun is

Fgrav=Ftotal-Fgravmag         (1)

          =-5.940962861377045 e20.

By definition we also have

Fgrav=g(mSun),         (2)

where g is the Milkyway’s gravitational field acting on the Sun. In the article On the Fields of a Spinning Disk of Charge it was found that

g(r)= w2r - 2G |mgalaxy| w2r / Rc2,  (3)

where R is the Milkyway’s radius. Substituting this in Eq. 2 produces

Fgrav=5.940962861377044e+20,   (4)

which is practically equal to the value in Eq. 1. QED.