Negative Mass and Its Apparent Lack in the Visible Universe


This short note discusses the repulsion between positive mass and negative mass, and the role it plays in our visible universe.

As suggested in the article on Gravitomagnetism, there are excellent reasons for stipulating that gravitational mass is mathematically imaginary. Positive masses would then attract one another, quite as they do in the world as we know it. This is contrary to electric charges, which attract one another when they are of opposite sign.

It is a simple matter to mathematically demonstrate that imaginary positive and negative masses should repel each other. Consequently, at the universe’s creation any atom of positive mass should have repelled any of negative mass. In time the positive atoms formed galaxies of practically all positive masses, and similarly for negative atoms.

This repulsion presumably has gone on since the dawn of creation, with all the galaxies we can perceive being comprised of positive atoms, but an equal number of negative atom galaxies too distant to be observed.