Things To Come?

The article “Negative Mass and Its Apparent Lack in the Visible Universe” suggests that there may be an alternate, “sister” universe too far away from us to be seen. It may prove instructive to think of our universe and this sister, negative mass universe as existing in the surface of a sphere. At any given time the universe of one sign may be contracting, under (a) the attraction of its own atoms for one another and (b) the repulsion of the other universe’s atoms. In time the shrinking universe (say the negative one) would approach a point and the super-heated plasma would explode in a “big bang.” Following this, that exploding universe would start to expand, and the positive one (our own) would start to contract. The cycle would then repeat.

There is evidence that our own, positive universe is expanding, and that the rate of expansion is gradually increasing with time. This being the case, the next big bang may be yet to occur in our sister universe. But not to worry. It will be a very long time until our own universe stops expanding and starts contracting, and a very very long time later until the big bang of our own universe occurs. Cheers!