I am a retired s/w and systems engineer who has had a lifelong love affair with physics. I graduated from Hamilton College in '63 with a BA degree. I have attended numerous physics courses over the years as a special student at MIT, Cornell and U of Colorado/Boulder. At the urging of Prof. Neil Ashby/Colorado I started the website www.grdmax.net, which features many physics articles and a few online books. My son, David Dixon, earned a PhD/Physics at U of California/Riverside. My daughter, Melissa Dixon, earned a BS degree, major in Math and Computer Science, from U of Colorado. I have been married to Marjorie Ebel Dixon for 55 years. 

All of the articles and books on the website can be considered to be public domain, and can be copied without permission (although attributes to the author would be appreciated). Several literary works can be viewed on the companion website, www.grdlit.net. I welcome emails from visitors to my websites, particularly from young visitors. My heroes are Newton, Maxwell, Einstein and Feynman. Yours in Physics, George R. Dixon.